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Food for the freezer

Christine DiBona | May 7, 2001 09:15 PM

So, chowhounds, the baby is due in about a week. Everything's ready - bassinet, blankets, nappies, etc. All that's left is filling the upright freezer my mom's given us, in anticipation of a lot of upcoming days and nights where we'd rather defrost than cook.

We need suggestions for good frezer food!! We live about 2 hours away from Berkeley and SF, so if anyone has favorite prepared foods that can be frozen (tamales, etc) from places in the Bay Area, we'd welcome those ideas - we've already gotten 10 boxes of Lucca ravioli, and really large hunks of parm and romano for fast late night pasta.

Two grandmas-to-be stand ready and willing to cook as directed - they'll be making their family favorites (yellow rice and chicken, vegetable soup) but does anyone have tried-snd-true recipes they'd like to share? We eat everything - but usually cook pretty much from scratch, buy organic - you know, the whole California thing - so food along those lines, that can be frozen without too much loss.

I've been following the 'too busy to cook' discussion, but once the baby's here, I don't want to even wash a pan or cutting board, so am looking for stuff that can be nuked and plated.

Many thanks!

Christine DiBona

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