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Be your best food critic and focus on who you see in the mirror

chancepoe | Sep 5, 201111:30 PM

It is easy to point the finger at what is wrong with food, who represents it, and how in some ways it has become a sitting and watching rather than 'doing' activity. Yes these topics are up for debate...

Perhaps, if we band together and focus on what is great about food, like ummmm eating it and enjoying the experience with friends? The world, yes the World, would be a more peaceful place. Lets not judge the popularity of food networks, at least food has a voice, and today it can take you on vacation while your on the treadmill.

Food speaks a lanuage much like a smile..it is crosscultural and food is endemic in every culture. In fact, the US was built on agriculture, something we seem to forget. While there are many negative things I could expound upon in relation to that particular industry in general, I prefer to focus on the good. Community gardens, people banding together to recreate a sense of family based around a simple meal and the true tradition of being creative in the kitchen, taking risks and making mistakes...

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