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Food carts and stands, Government Center Farmer's Market, Boston


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Food carts and stands, Government Center Farmer's Market, Boston

Limster | Oct 9, 2002 10:23 PM

Among the produce and food stands are 3 food carts at this farmer's market in front og Government Center that serves hot food.

At the first cart, soft tender strings of pulled pork come with dusky red brown flavors. A pretty good (if meat heavy) sandwich.

Chicken kebabs at the second cart run by two Indonesian Chinese (I think it's called JJ sandwiches or something) were slightly dry (well, it was breast meat afterall), but fairly tasty. Would have been just fine and ordinary if not for the sides. A good pungent kick from a small dab of sauce that seemed redolent of garlic (need to double check flavor and ingredients) is pure and brief deliciousness. It's served on a bed of yellow Indonesian rice that is lightly spiced and actually fairly toothsome, especially in light of a moderate sprinkle of crispy fried shallots. Homemade ginger dressing on the side salad was also above par.

The last cart is a vegetarian one -- will get something from them next week.

I've been getting spiced apple cider donuts from the stand there and it's quite good (it's the only non-Dunkin donut source I've found so far that is walking distance from the North End, anyone know anything better -- please please please I'd really love to know). Nice cinnamon, a light sweet film of mild cidery sourness and sweetness, and fairly decent donuts (good density, but could be more moist on the inside).

Apple dumplings from the same stand seem OK but unexceptional. But they would benefit from some reheating time in an oven and I just ate them as is, so I'm not judging them at their best.

Also sampled a bunch of goudas from Taylor Farm Cheese. Pretty good, rather salty. Favorite was the cumin dotted variety.

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