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Food Career Day at NYU


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Food Career Day at NYU

Lisa Antinore | Mar 7, 1998 08:22 PM

The Nutrition and Food Studies department of my alma mater, NYU, hosted an extremely well organized "Food Career Day" today. It was a free event that lasted from 9:00am to 5:00pm and featured fifteen different panel discussions throughout the course of the day.

The turnout was huge!!!! I attended a "TV/Media" session with Mario Batali,owner of Po, and Fern Berman and Patti Greany the creators of The panel addressed various career opportunities in food on the net and pitching program ideas to the TVFood Network.

The "Critics and Commentators" session with Mimi Sheraton, Jeffrey Steingarten of Vogue, and David Rosengarten was fantastic. All three gave their advice on breaking into the food writing field and their suggestions for writing solid reviews.

I also sat in on "Food Styling" "Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising and Promotion" and "Consulting" sessions. The "Consulting" panel had Sheila Lukins and Clark Wolf as panelists and both were extremely inspiring. I even got to ride down in the elevator and walk a bit uptown with Shelia who discussed her United Airlines menu consulting position and her Parade magazine food editorship. She was very encouraging and so friendly.....

The event was extremely well planned and the turnout really surprised me. It was fascinating to learn about all of the different opportunities in the food industry and to be able to ask questions of so many respected contribuitors to the field.

Nach Waxman, the owner of Kitchen Arts and Letters, Coleman Andrews, editor of Saveur magazine, Madhur Jaffrey, Michael Lomonaco, Maury Rubin, and Mitchell Davis of Beard House were just a few of the advisory committe who were present and available for questions. The audience was filled with writers, PR people, chefs, consultants, and students.

The Nutrition and Food Studies department's phone number is 212-998-5580. If you leave your name and address they'll put you on a mailing to keep you informed of upcoming events. I've taken quite a few and they've all been fantastic, Upcoming events include "Food Writing For Publication" with Irene Sax, "Behind the Scenes at The TV Food Network" and "The Art of Food Styling"....

Check it out....


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