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About This Not About Food board

The Chowhound Team | Jul 17, 2005 10:34 AM

We realize that the title of this board is awfully tempting, and so we periodically take a moment to remind folks that this one board can't handle all the non-food interests of our hundreds of thousands of users (when Chowhound started, it was a lot less!).

So we ask for it to be used with restraint, mostly to address almost-but-not-quite food related matters, or to continue threads from other boards that have digressed from topic. If "Not About Food" served as a true catch-all, this board's not up to the we can't afford the bandwidth.

By all means, continue all current discussions. We just ask that hounds please refrain from freely launching all sorts of topics. Our server bills are high enough with the chow discussions; we can't foot the bill for all that and a ton of non-chow talk too. Please just hold back a bit!


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