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What food blogs do I HAVE to read?


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What food blogs do I HAVE to read?

Jadore | Jun 22, 2010 06:40 PM

Hello, Chow, it's been a while! I joined this site back in November with the intentions of becoming a very active poster. Then, the holidays took up all my time, work got hectic, and I had my June 5th wedding to plan, etc etc etc. I don't know where the time went!

Along with abandoning Chowhound, I stopped reading my two usual food blogs when the new year started: Smitten Kitchen and Orangette. SK is alive and well, and I have a wealth of new recipes to try. Orangette, however, seems to be updated only sporadically. I know Molly started her new pizza place, and I believe she's still writing for Bon Appetit - maybe she's just too busy? It's a shame; I miss her lyrical, lovely prose.

What other food blogs and sites do I need to be made aware of? What are your favorites? Please share, as my new husband and I would love to get inspired and break in our kitchen properly. :)

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