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Food Blogger Rant

gothamette | Aug 3, 2012 10:05 AM

Maybe it's the hot weather but I have something to say about food bloggers that I've wanted to get off my chest for a while.

It's not that there are too many of them. There ARE too many of them, but that's to be expected. Give the general population the means to communicate, and they will. Food will of course be a hot topic.

What I hate about them is that they are so verbose about the food they cook. Everything is introduced with paragraphs of verbiage about how this particular dish came about. Julia Child didn't blab so much about the sole meuniere that introduced her to French cooking! She wrote concisely and elegantly.

But these hacks think that people are actually reading the overstuffed verbiage they spill about their hazelnut cake with bacon bits, or their chocolate cake in a cup, or their salmon singed with a blowtorch....

I wish that food bloggers would just write a paragraph, and then print the recipe. And make the paragraph be essential to the recipe.

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