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The things we do for food


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The things we do for food

squirrel | Nov 11, 2004 02:26 PM

What is the craziest, most desperate thing you've ever done to satisfy a chowish craving? It doesn't have to involve expense or travel (although mine generally do)...begging, pleading, cajoling, working countless hours, or foraging for hard-to-find ingredients all count, too. And I suppose if you've eaten blowfish or mushrooms you weren't quite sure about, risking your life would probably qualify you for this contest.

C' can tell us.

My confession that started this on the midwest board was flying to SF, having dinner at Gary Danko, flying back the next morning. (Actually I managed to sneak-in a late lunch at One Market, too.)

A craving for gazpacho at work one day led me to 4 different purveyors at the nearby city produce market and some amazing feats performed with only a small paring knife and a coffee mug in the breakroom.

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