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how many of you really follow "nutrition science"?


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how many of you really follow "nutrition science"?

j8715 | Apr 2, 2011 04:14 PM

I have a very strong belief that no one knows what the hell they are talking about.

When I was a kid eggs were bad and so was all fat. This almost ruined vegetables for me. Have you ever eaten steamed spinach? It is like eating a wet, green paper towel. Steamed carrots are pretty close to it on the awful food spectrum.

Now some fat and eggs are good. Butter may or may not be good. who the hell knows?

Potatoes? Good?

Salt? Bad??

Why are fruits and vegetables counted as separate things on food pyramids?

Gluten. I know some people are legitimately afflicted with celiac, but healthy people say they don't eat any wheat because of it?? I know I am not alone thinking some peoples allergies are all in their heads.

I can't wait until Kraft Singles and marshmallow fluff cure cancer.

My personal regimen is oatmeal for breakfast, some weight lifting, wine , green vegetables and beans a few times a week. If gluten makes me lose out on a few extra years drooling on my self in some pee smelling old folks home, so be it. Death to food science.

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