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Follow up to the cookbook thread


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Follow up to the cookbook thread

DavidH | May 13, 2002 08:07 PM

I finally found time to read through this thread. Although they were very good suggestions I felt that they left out some very practical everyday situations that needed to be addressed in a cookbook such as:

A book on how to cook with the right hand while the left hand is holding the wine (An earlier poster referred to this situation but I could not find the post to give credit to him or her).

A book on how to cook in a kitchen that has been removed due to a kitchen rehab in progress (soon to be my case).

A cookbook on how to cook on one burner when your stove is so old and decrepid that either the other burners don't work or you wouldn't dare to turn them on to see what would happen(my case and one of the many reasons for a rehab).

A book on how to grin and look confident when you say "dinner is ready" even though you inadvertenly skipped step #3 in a recipe you have made a dozen times or more. This book could also cover the situation when you reliaze that you have left out 2 or more necessary ingredients in the recipe and with a straight face you announce " I tried it a little different this time".

A cookbook with little popup strips for each page so you don't have to buy stock in "Post-It-Notes" corporation.

A book (for those like me who have a small 7 x 10 galley kitchen) on how to deal with stress when 911 refuses to take any more of your calls because both you and your wife went into the kitchen again at the same
time and once more got stuck.

A book on how to buy fish at the store when the only response you get is ARF! ARF! ARF! from your fish monger(notice the correct spelling.. I guess I am a quick lernerr!). By the time I am done infusing the board with this new lingo, chowhounds will only be able to communicate with other chowhounds.

Actually this post was a lead in for a question I wanted to ask. In the rehab we are going to go with a gas cooktop and I guess an electric oven. The range we are replacing was all gas. Will there be a major shock in cooking with an electric oven. In reading through some of the sale material some products(convection) boast that cooking time is reduced by 25%. Will recipes have to be adjusted? Also should we go with a true
convection verses a convection oven. Thanks.

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