Foil, needed or not?


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Foil, needed or not?

budnball | Apr 8, 2013 09:46 AM

I bought about 2 cases of older wine from a closing winery and have found that every other bottle i have opened has a soggy or mildewed cork. I drove back with a few bottles to replace, thinking it was bad luck and the vintners were fine replacing the bottles. However, after more bad corks, I am inclined to take the foil off the rest and check them so i can make just one trip for replacements and or refund. I would also want to take foil off any replacements before leaving as it is about 60 miles one way. My questions are.. Does the foil matter that much for preservation? Does it matter if I plan to drink the wine within a year? Is there any way 20+ year old wine could be good with wet cork or mildew on top of cork?

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