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Foie Gras Controversy [moved from Ontario]

FrancoYYZ | Mar 26, 200802:16 PM

I would like to know what Torontonians think of the recent uproar about Foie Gras in North America.

Over the past few years I have read article after article about the “evils” of Foie Gras production and how it should be banned across North America.

Chicago has had a ban in place since April 2006 and California will be banning its production and sale by 2012.

I have trouble understanding how all this energy has been devoted to such a small cause and how many North Americans are jumping on this anti-Foie Gras bandwagon when globally 23,000 tones are produced annually.

In comparison KFC uses 736 million chickens annually which are subjected to a succession of cruelties such as mutilation, crowding, injuries, diseases, debeaking, forced molting, antibiotics, ammonia burn and heat stress.

I feel that Foie Gras does not even register as a mere blip on the global animal cruelty radar and activists should concentrate on far greater cruelty issues.

Lastly I recently read a quote that made me laugh:

“Foie Gras is a diseased product that has no place in the human food supply," (The Humane Society of the United States).

This quote made me laugh given the fact that you can’t buy Foie Gras in Chicago but yet you can get KFC at every street corner, which is of course perfectly fine for human consumption…

Looking forward to a little controversy…
N.B.I also forgot to mention how delicious Foie Gras actually is…

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