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flushing food court review


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flushing food court review

mrnyc | Aug 26, 2002 05:09 PM

i went out to the new flushing food court (36-58 main street) for lunch today expressly to try the hand made noodles at chinese RAMEN KING since i am on a ramen kick lately and for the avocado shake at THAI FOOD HOUSE. however, i struck out on both but still had a great time. the RK was torture because the fresh wrapped dough was out, the chopped ingrediants were out, but no one was around. after i was hovering around on and off a man came later and said,"i don't know where she is" so that was that.

they were out of avocado at TFH but i tried a burmese shwe yin aye drink instead at the staff guy's suggestion. they offer burmese and southern chinese as well as thai food at the TFH stall which is right at the street entrance. the drink was icy, pale yellowish, not too sweet/sour, had the real tiny sago on the bottom and it was very good --- but i have no idea what it was exactly.

so then i had to go with the TFH burmese salad w/ tea leaves as well. it had sliced peanuts, soy nuts, sesame, tomato, lime, shredded lettuce, papaya and yes green tea leaves. very filling and i think a nice salad twist for vegetarians.

i am not a vegetarian so upstairs at SHANGHAI SNACK i had the pork filled soup dumplings (aka steamed juicy buns). the menu was in chinese and the staff spoke chinese only but a nice teen from the QU'IN CUISINE stall right across helped me translate. they handmade the dumplings right up in front of me and i had a nice chat with this young man while i waited. i got "the nod" from the server guy at SS when it was done so that was encouraging. the verdict? the soup and noodle were excellent but the filling just ok. i would like to try it with veg/greens filling instead next time so could someone please tell me how to order it in shanghai chinese? also, the aforementioned QC across the way had a limited menu but a shredded tofu/celery dish looked real good for next time.

also for next time or i guess cold weather, downstairs across from the thai stall a place called CHAO GUANG FOOD had some nice sounding congee soups and country-style (?) duck. a foo chow stall in the very back (not sure of the name, 888? or OK?) had some awesome sounding soups and other serious foo chow stuff like cattle's viscera and fermented intestine, etc.. of note there is also a taiwanese stall too.

there are about 15 stalls here. it's all clean, modern and new. you can take your tray and sit upstairs or down. everyone appears enthused so far which i appreciate as a good sign. most of all i have to give two big ebert & roper "thumbs up" to whoever put this place together. it's the united nations of asian food all in one food court!

so there you have it, check it out soon as they are still offering 20% off of on the lunches.

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