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Flipping veggies in my 14" non-stick slope-sided fry pan


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Flipping veggies in my 14" non-stick slope-sided fry pan

GraydonCarter | Sep 28, 2011 08:44 PM

The scenario is always the same.

I want to brown the cubed beef before stewing.

I've got some giblets that need an even browning.

I have thinly sliced mini-scallopini that need a quick saute.

I have plans to slice up the zucchini, saute the slices in a touch of olive oil.

I have trouble flipping small items in the pan. I have the technique down, with a two-handed flip (you should see my pancakes). Seems like half of the nuggets land same-side up. I flip again and the others land wrong-side down. So I go through the painstaking process of flipping the rebels individually with a fork or spatula. Is this how it goes? Do experienced cooks just do this really fast?

I can see now why it is easier to just fry a couple of boneless chicken breasts and then slice them later rather than try to make individual scallopini.

Am I doing something wrong or is this just the way it goes? Like how the buttered side always lands down?

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