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Flexible steel spatula

HollingV | Oct 20, 201112:56 PM

I've been looking for a short flexible steel spatula for using with scrambled eggs on a carbon steel pan. The only flexible ones out there, except one, are too long and seem to be designed for turning fish. I seem to remember, as a kid, small steel spatulas that were pretty springy.

Here's one I found that seems ideal, however I'm in the States:


Well, for anyone else who badly wants this type of spatula (probably no one), you could also do what I did. I bought an easy-to-find Oxo small flexible silicone turner and removed the silicone overmold. This is not a trivial task since the silicone is heat resistant up to 600F, plus there aren't any normal solvents that can remove it. Possibly the acid that's inside those "alien" creatures would work though, if you can find it. I resorted to a single edged razor blade and spent over an hour. If you do this, I'd suggest having the Polysporin ready and a band aid already out of the wrapper. Don't say I didn't warn you to be careful. :)

Here's an original "turner", and the one I modified:

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