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Fleur de Sel -- which is the real deal?


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Fleur de Sel -- which is the real deal?

GG Mora | Jun 11, 2002 02:39 PM

I did a search for previous posts on the subject, but found nothing to answer my question (couldn't pin anything down on Google, either).

The question is:

Does Fleur de Sel necessarily come from Brittany (Guerande, Ile de Re) and if so, how do the Sel de Camargue producers get away with calling theirs Fleur de Sel? Is there an *appelation controlee*, or is the Fleur de Sel title freely applied to excellent French Sea Salt?

I *did* learn that Fleur de Sel (flower of salt) refers to the flower-like pattern that the salt crystals form as they dry on the flats...

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