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Most Flavorful Ethiopian? And do restaurants "dumb down" for non-native eaters?


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Most Flavorful Ethiopian? And do restaurants "dumb down" for non-native eaters?

jauntygirl | Jul 25, 2007 02:03 PM

I'm wondering if something is wrong with my tastebuds, or if I'm a victim of flavor dumb-down. I've seen several times on this board that Nyala is bland, bland, bland, and that Messob, Rahel, Meals by Genet or Rosalind's are all better. I don't get it.

Well, I've been to Messob and I've been to Rosalind's and I've been to another one around the corner from Fairfax (recommended by Ethiopian friends), and I've been surprised by each time by how much less flavorful everything is compared to Nyala. Everything at each of those places just tasted subdued.

What could be happening? People can debate about who has good food, or better food, but it would seem we can all agree on whether something is strongly flavored. So, I'm wondering if the waitstaff in these restaurants is taking a gander at me and running over to tell the chef to tone things down for the American chick. I mean, does this happen?

I was particularly surprised by the food at that restaurant whose name I can't recall (actually, with my sense of direction, I might not even have the location exactly right) because I'd been told by several Ethiopian friends, separately from each other, that that place serves the most authentic food. But, after a nearly 90 minute wait, the stuff that came from the back all seemed bland, and definitely bland compared to Nyala. I've had Ethiopian in different cities in the US, and I'm not calling Nyala the end all be all. I'm just saying that their food seems to be more strongly flavored than the other places I've been to here in LA. To be even clearer, I'm saying that Nyala seems to have more spices in their food. Not that the food is hot (meaning, spicy), but it's got more flavor. I'm beating a dead horse and I sure hope I'm making sense...

ANYHOO, I'm asking - 1) what's the MOST FLAVORFUL Ethiopian restaurant here in LA. And 2) do you think it's possible that restaurants are changing up their dishes based on who orders them?

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