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No flavor in the taste of meats, pork, poultry

rbluvsfood | Jun 2, 201208:40 PM

I wonder if I was asleep for the last 10 - 20 years while our meats flavor and fat content were systematically destroyed or is it that I have moved to a part of the country that does not realize that their meat supply is terrible? I am covering all meats including beef, chicken and pork.

By changed I mean there is no more flavor, fat or texture in our foods. I have heard from reliable sources that all meats are now being finished (before they are killed) by feeding them extremely poor low quality foods since corn (which used to be fed) has become for expensive.

So I have wanted to ask this question on the internet for years now.....I hope someone can shed some light on the sad situation. It does not matter how long I marinate, BQ, smoke, low heat, vinegar, lemon j., super high heat, etc., a product it still tastes like rubber bands dried up pieces of garbage to me

I know this is not how I grew up. My meats from Philly dripped with indescribable taste of luscious fatty juices and I never gained a pound. I weighed 110 all my life so I never understood the push to kill flavor.

I now have to purchase Kobe beef in order to just try and like meats from the supermarket these days. That costs me a minimum of $19.00 / lb.

I am considering learning how to raise kobe beef and also caribou pork to finally get the real taste of food back in my life. Supermarkets take the lowest bids I think, here in the northwest and we get a bunch of garbage for our money seems like.

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