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How flat should copper cookware sit?

ChezButtons | Nov 3, 201301:49 AM

Thanks to those giving me advice here, I bought my first copper pot on eBay, which arrived today. Very exciting! This is a 2.5mm hammered Mauviel sauce pan with cast iron handle and tin lining, about 2.5 quarts. Barely used. Feels great in the hand. I was prepared to fall in love...

However, I have one of those dang glass top stoves, and it turns out the pan doesn't quite sit flat. The sides are hammered, but the base is smooth visually. It has just a bit of rocking on the stovetop (see pix). I asked the seller about flatness before I bought it and he did say it was flat, but he didn't check very carefully, looks like. It's not a huge amount off, so it was probably an honest mistake. Questions:

If I heat up the pan a bit, can I turn it upside down, place some flat steel on it, and beat the bottom into flatness?

Regarding the seller, I need to know how big a deal to make about this. Since the pan's sides are hammered, does this mean that irregularities are inherent in cookware like this, and that it's really meant just for gas ranges, where flatness isn't a big deal? That wouldn't be the seller's fault, but it would make me sad, and I'd have to give up on the idea of converting to copper cookware as long as we're in this house.

Or does Mauviel make sure all its cookware is dead flat on the bottoms, like my All Clad cookware is? In which case, the seller and I have to work something out since this pan has a problem, and he misrepresented it.

I put an LED light behind the pan and you can see the gap when I rock it back and forth on the range. It looks a bit worse in the photos than it is, but I can see the simmer bubbles shift from one side to the other if I rock the pan. Since I bought copper for its even heating, this pan is a fail!

What should I do? Very sad :(

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