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Is Fit/Fiit fit to wash fruits & veggies?


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Is Fit/Fiit fit to wash fruits & veggies?

saucyknave (aka curmudgeon) | Nov 28, 2001 01:16 AM

Someone of my acquaintance uses a commercial product called Fit (the i nesting within another i, so it might be Fiit). She even washes lettuce with it, and I can tell you that that's not fit to eat no matter how sanitized it may be. After it's soaked in its watery fit, it's lost its texture.

But the larger question is, how much sense it makes to use a product like this to rid ourselves of other substances. First does it work as advertised? And then, does it leave its own residue? And again, in fragile lettuces, etc., might there not be some sort of transfer by osmosis of the cleanser into the cleansed?

Because a manufacturer says a product is natural, as the label does, does not necessarily mean it is healthful.

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