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Fishy-tasting Pork + Ethical Question About Giving Away Weird Tasting Meat

JudiAU | Feb 23, 201006:34 PM

We try really hard to buy meat from animals that are ethically raised, decently fed, and humanely slaughtered. Usually this results in pretty expensive and TASTY meat...but not always.

Our last half pig was a bummer. If I had less experience I would probably swear off the whole animal purchasing idea. That bad.

Fancy bay area farmer. Small scale. Whey fed from stellar cheesemaking outfit. Friend spent 12 hours on the road there and back but there were no defrosting issues. Very expensive.

But...badly cut and with this weird fishy undercurrent. Every time we've had a (badly cut) pork chop it tastes like the cutting board we used was rank. But it wasn't. The badly cut is really bumming out because we used to share the big with a chef and he would do the chops so beautifully.

So, two questions:

1) what is the source of the weird off taste?

2) Since we've been avoiding eating 100 pounds of expensive meat and it is clogging up our freezer and we hate to throw away and it was expensive and we know, from a health and safety perspective, that nothing is wrong with it

Is it weird to give away meat (on say Craig's List) that we think tastes weird?

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