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More fish stew

EHB | Dec 15, 2003 07:03 PM

For those who may have missed it, we've had a helluva good discussion on fish stews of various ethnic persuasions. Most of the talk has tilted toward stews that involve first making a broth or "fumet" from fish frames. This may sound heretical, but I am leaning toward stews that skip the fumet step and can be made as one-pot meals.
This may be a lesser-known technique, but essentially involves layering the aromatics, fish, shelfish, and seasonings in a big covered pot and putting it on the stovetop to cook for 30 minutes or so. I made just such a dish from a Portuguese recipe: it used just a cup of white wine (plus some tomatoes juices) for the cooking liquid, yet made enough broth in the end for six people, the rest of the liquid coming from the other ingredients (onion, potatoe, green bell pepper, clams, fish, etc.) With paprika and lots of cilantro, it was definitely Portuguese. We ladled it over toasted bread (as so many of these stews call for) and my guests declared it a triumph.
I see in Clifford Wright's tome on Mediterranean cooking some vaguely similar recipes from North Africa (Tunis and Morocco). Does anyone know of any others? Because this is the most magnificent, simple, down-to-earth fish stew I have come across yet.

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