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Fish Sauce- what am I not getting?


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Fish Sauce- what am I not getting?

Food4Thought | Oct 24, 2006 12:20 AM

There really isn't too much out there that I can't eat, but I just can't seem to aquire a taste for fish sauce. I do use in quite often in home cooking as a "secret ingredient" and it's great. Where I seem to have trouble is when I go to Asian restaurants (Thai, Vietnamese, Korean etc.) and it is served as a condiment. Depending upon where I go, I have seen variants as well, sweet fish sauce, "home made" fish sauce (from what I read about fish sauce production, it seems unlikely someone would undertake that at home).

So my question to you good hounds is am I doing something wrong in how I use it at these restaurants? I'll put some in my Pho or sometimes dip items in it. Fish sauce just seems to so widely embraced across so many Asian cultures, I feel I must be missing something or doing something wrong.


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