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Fish purchasing practices in 2004

RachelMolly | Dec 21, 200409:56 PM

I know times have changed since the 50s, 60s and 70s in these days of stricter kashrut, politicized certifications, and stringencies overall in kashrut, so I was just curious if we can get a discussion going about the various practices of the readers of this board (ranging in all levels of kashrut) regarding purchasing raw fish wherever you might live.

Some thoughts to get the discussion going:

Do you buy it only from a Kosher fish monger/supermarket?

Do you buy it from a fish store and strike a deal (like they wash the knife, or they use a special knife, etc)?

Do you buy deep-frozen fish from Asia?

Do you buy it in your local supermarket, and wash it off at home?

I realize that everybody has different levels of observance, so it's pretty much an open forum. I don't mean for this to turn political, so just a discussion of what you do would be great.

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