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A fish called Swai - new fish to me


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A fish called Swai - new fish to me

chef chicklet | Jan 11, 2010 10:49 AM

I go to a market here in town with a fairly decent meat market and fish selection.

Trying to get our family to eat more fish is a constant battle. I love any and all, my dh doesn't it. He is pushing it to eat salmon, and it has to be the mildest salmons at that. I must bbq it, and then with a sauce.
Looking at what was available within an attainable price range, I saw tilapia, orange roughy and Swai. Swai, I've never heard of it. Curiosity got the best of me, and I flagged the butcher/fish monger down. I asked him what is this fish?

From what I gathert is a cousin to catfish, yet it is not fresh water. I really don't care for catfish, and I live near the Delta here in Northern CA, and catfish is abundant. And still after many years and different applications, I pass on it.
I was not impressed at that point and yet just had to ask, What's it taste like? doh.
Like catfish?
He answered, no, that it was mild, and not bad.
Not bad. okay, a few more probing questions and I decide, I'll buy a small fillet and figure this out for myself.

Okay, it's mildly firm in flesh. Great.
It has no fish smell at all. I mean at all. ooooooh, I want to smell of the ocean okay?
smell it again, smell the paper, no fish smell whatsoever.
I am slightly dissapointed.
I get out my box of Trader Joe's tempura batter, what occassion would be better. I would be able to taste the fish and I enjoy a light temura batter.

I whip up the batter, heat my trusty cast iron pan and get the oil hot.
Drop in the one fish filet and it splatters, and spits. The oil is perfect.
Season the fish with ground sea salt, and white pepper. Then a light brush by with black pepper. And I let it cook.
hmmm the first side that cooked looked great, light gold, I poke, it's crunchy crispy. no fish smell at all. I find this again somewhat disturbing.
I wait about 4 mins and I flip it, again I seaons the other side likewise.
another 2-3 mins and the fish is done.

On to a paper towel, both sides I blot the fish. NowI pay attention the quick butter/lemon/caper sauce I started. I swirl the butter, and lemon together and drop two mini spoonfulls of capers in the saute pan/ The butter browns slightly. I lift it off.
I've now properly plated the fish, and take the sauce and pour it onto the fish.
At the widedst body the fish filet is about 1 inch and a smidge, and probably the length of an average dinner plate. One filet is plenty. I paid $1. 39 for the one filet. ($3.99 per pound)
So after buying the filet with the soul purpose to see if my dh will like it, the verdict is this.
If you like bland, I mean really bland fish with virtually no fish taste at all, a flakey to firmish texture, you will probably like this fish. However, it's not for me, I find it too bland, pesonally I don't want to rely on the coating and the sauce to carry the fish.

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