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Fish Broiling/Cake Cooking in Chambers Stove/Oven


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Fish Broiling/Cake Cooking in Chambers Stove/Oven

rudeboy | Mar 2, 2004 05:36 PM

I just got an old Chambers range. It has a broiler on the left hand side, and an oven that says "cook with gas turned off."

I'm going to broil a generic fish soon. Potentially Sea Bass with a squirt of lemon. Any tips on broiling techniques in this broiler based on experience? You can adjust the height of the entire burner in relation to the product. I can wing this one, I suppose.

The harder part: I'm going to bake a generic cake soon also, maybe a German Chocolate Cake. I know I need to heat up the oven, turn the gas off, then place the product in the oven (an old lady told me). Are there any guides for preheating and cooking times?

I can get the oven up to 550 F (it has firebrick or stone in the sides). It retains heat pretty well. After an hour, it's still at 400. Two hours at 275 (on the basis of my thermometer). I suppose that there should be a guide for cooking times and initial pre-heating.

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