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Finest wines of Argentina

Aosta | Mar 3, 200805:55 AM

I am writing to gather up some recomendations about the finest wines of Argentina.......(my first experience with serious wines was in Buenos Aires about 4 years ago.....).

Some of you may smile at the association of "Argentina" and "fine wines", but, at the time, I thought this was "as good as it gets" for the prices I could afford (i.e. 20 to 30 US$).

Since then, when I have returned for my yearly business visits, I would always try finding a few hours in my schedule to stock up before flying home. (the "Terroir" wine-shop became my favourite Port of Call in terms of service and flight-friendly packaging).

In the last couple of years however, my taste has evolved and so maybe my interpretation of Argentina began to moderate...... I was no longer "amazed".....

As I rev up to my next trip I would like to ask the Board to name some their favourite Argentinean wines that I should look out for down there...... I have calculated I can take back between 12 and 18 bottles without going over-weight (I can dedicate 30 kg to wine).

My particular areas of interest is with Cabernet-Merlot-Malbec, maybe blended, certainly on the tannic, concentrated, long finish side of the spectrum. "Super Tuscan Style".

Budget of 30 to 50 US$/bottle - local price 90-150 Pesos (please also mention the Vintage).

Thanks for your support, and I will post with feedback.


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