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Finding Non-Cruciferous Greens


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Finding Non-Cruciferous Greens

ninrn | Apr 22, 2014 01:16 PM

I eat a lot of greens, a lot of them raw, and notice that besides spinach and lettuce, virtually every leafy green at the grocery store is a cruciferous vegetable: cabbage, kale, collards, bok choy, rapini, mustard, kohlrabi, turnip greens, cress, mizuna, tatsoi, even fenugreek and most of the other greens they sell at the Indian store are in the cruciferous family.

I'd like to start eating more non-cruciferous greens, even if it means growing some on my own, and wondered if any of you could contribute to the list I have so far:

◙ Dandelion greens
◙ Escarole
◙ Endive
◙ Amaranth (I think what is often sold as "red spinach" in Chinese and Indian markets might be a red variety of amaranth)
◙ Purslane
◙ Lovage
◙ Lambsquarters
◙ Gongura or Rosselle greens

I'm sure there are non-cruciferous greens I've never heard of eaten in other cultures, and I'd love to know more about them: what they taste like, how they're traditionally prepared, and how they are cultivated.

And if you have any great recipes for lovage, I'd very much appreciate them. (There's a vendor who often has a bunch or two at our farmer's market, but her only suggestion was to add it to salad.)

Thanks for your help,

PS: Is chard a cruciferous vegetable? I had thought not, but I see it listed as such on many websites.

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