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Where to find wine/champagne for summer wedding

ayme | Apr 24, 200811:09 AM

Hi Chowhounds! I am planning a small, casual backyard wedding near Pasadena/Glendale for this July, and I need some help! Since my fiancé is half Persian, we decided to cater from our favorite local Persian restaurant, and this is the menu we’ve come up with: pita bread/butter, hummus, yogurt & cucumber dip, shirazi (Persian salad), BBQ vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms), saffron rice, cherry rice, beef & eggplant stew, chicken thigh, chicken and beef koobideh (ground meat kabobs). All that is good to go. I’m rather stuck on the beverages. This is my list for 90 people (@ 60 are alcohol drinkers, 16 are non-drinkers, and 12 are under 21, including 3 infants.)

Drinks: Water (pitchers) For each table
Water bottles 8 dozen (96 bottles)
Wedding punch 7-up, fruit juice, sherbet ice cream
Soda 5 dozen (60 cans)
Red wine 12- 750 mL bottles (1 case)
White wine 12- 750 mL bottles (1 case)
Champagne 12- 750 mL bottles (1 case)
Sparkling Cider 6- 750 mL bottles
Beer 5 dozen (60 cans)

My reasoning is that there are 5-5oz. servings in each bottle of wine, etc. I’ve figured 2 servings of wine and 1 serving of beer per alcoholic drinker (there aren’t too many beer drinkers, so it’s really 2 or 3 servings for those who drink it, but they won’t drink wine, and well, you see the complication). 1 serving of champagne for alcoholic drinkers and 1 serving of sparkling cider for non-drinkers and minors. Any problems you can see with that?

My next question is about what wine and champagne to serve. We’re not big wine drinkers, so I couldn’t tell you a single name of anything I’ve ever tried. Well, the only exception is a red wine (merlot maybe) from Meridian Vineyard in Paso Robles. That was the best red wine I’ve ever tried, and my fiancé agrees. I would like some suggestions for general types of wines to go with the food we’re serving, a good summer champagne, and anything else you can think of that I might need to know.

My last question is how to shop for wine. We’re considering a trip up to the central coast to either go to the Wine Festival in May or just wine tasting at the various wineries there (which we’ve never done). Is there a wine shop in the Pasadena/ Glendale area that would make it easier than taking a separate trip? My only guidelines at this point is that we have to taste and agree to what we’re serving (obviously) and it should be well under $20 per bottle (preferably below $10). Since I’m buying one case of each, that might make it simpler.

Wow, that’s a lot. Please help me, even if you can’t respond to each and every question. Thanks!

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