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Help me find a summer beer


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Help me find a summer beer

Wolfgang | May 6, 2009 05:30 PM

I'm looking for a beer or beers to enjoy in the warmer weather. I'm looking for beers sold in six packs as opposed to bombers. I haven't yet stumbled upon a perfect crisp, refreshing and interesting summer beer. Lager-ish with some hop profile sounds good to me.
I've tried the much ballyhooed Victory Prima Pils and I find it fine but a little boring. I usually have SN pale ale in my refrigerator and that's close but a little on the sticky side for the really hot days. I don't enjoy the SN summer beer.
Beers I like to drink:
Dog Fish Head 60 Minute (I can't find it in L.A.--I've had it in Tucson and Chicago)
Stone IPA and Arrogant Bastard. Liked both better than the standard pale ale; haven't tried any other Stones.
Alesmith Anvil.
Alesmith IPA--just had this last weekend at Pizza Port in San Clemente.
Anchor Steam.
Anchor Christmas Brews--I enjoy them pretty much every year
Racer 5
SN Pale Ale and ESB. I don't love the torpedo; I like it but not as much as other IPAs
Bohemia (the only Mexican beer that I am excited to drink).
Anderson Valley Boont Amber Ale

Beers I haven't liked:
Lost Coast Great White--don't really like the spiced white type beer.
Lost Coast Downtown Brown--too roasty. The Anvil has the perfect amount of roast; anything more and I am turned off

Beers that I'm just okay with but aren't that interesting:
Pilsner Urquell
Hefes from Pyramid, Blue Moon, etc.

I'm on the westside of Los Angeles.

Thanks for your help.

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