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where to find real ricotta and fresh bread?


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where to find real ricotta and fresh bread?

dinmir | Sep 6, 2007 08:22 AM


A few months ago, I moved from the "Old World" to the Boston area. (My wife is American). We are moving closer to Boston (Middlesex) next week.

Over the past months I've tried many "American" food products. I've certainly enjoyed the grilled steaks, fresh corn and seafood meals, but beyond that it hasn't been a great "food" experience unfortunately.

I will not go into all that, but just focus on two items, cheese and bread.

I've bought ricotta in the supermarket, which turned out to be a completely different product than what I know as ricotta. Why do they label it ricotta if it's not ricotta? It doesn't even come close to ricotta. Same goes for mascarpone (another disaster) and many other "italian" products. Now that I went through that learning phase, I am left with one question: Where can I get real ricotta, mascarpone and so on (in the Boston area)?

I also have a hard time finding good fresh bread. Most breads are almost inedible and/or not fresh. It surprised me that customers seem to be ok with buying old bread! Many stores have "fresh" breads on the shelves that are over a day old! So, where to get good fresh "Old World" style breads in the Lexington area?

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