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Please Help me Find My Perfect Remebered Clamcake


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Please Help me Find My Perfect Remebered Clamcake

lobbieyum | Jul 5, 2011 03:11 PM

Although I'm a little beyond middle age, I still go on Grail quests for perfect clamcakes. My troubling searches to find them seem to have the sort of disappointments that 'they don't make 'em like they used to' and have ended in discouragement. ( I also feel this way about homefries).

I can describe my perfect clamcakes; I can tell you where in the long distant past I have had some, but not all by any measure,because they seemed common, of my perfect clamcakes. Yet now that satisfaction is elusive. No,not elusive but non-existent in my quests.

I wonder what other people desire in clamcakes and share my desire in the hope that someone can guide me to the paradisical end of my quest.

My perfect clamcakes have a thick,crunchy,browned crust on the outside,with little branches of browned batter growing off. They seem almost burned outside,but are not.

Inside,they have a somewhat breadlike density,not soggy with grease,taste of clams and have proportional pieces of clams in the batter. Pencil eraser type clam pieces are kept to a minimum or entirely eliminated.

If you are old enough to have ever gone to Jolly Cholly's in Ma,that's the basic "it", with some refinements, that I'm looking for.

These are the clamcakes of my youth. How I would love to find them again. Please don't tell me Iggy's or Aunt Carry's. No way. Also,please share what you like in a clamcake. I would love to know what you like.

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