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Trying to find a long-lost Asian candy from childhood!!

asiancandymystery | Apr 19, 2012 08:21 AM

Hello Chowhounds,

My partner grew up in Taipei, Taiwan. Since I met him 10 years ago, he has spoken of a candy from his childhood that he desperately longs to find. We cannot pass by an Asian grocery store without going in to search for this candy. We've looked in stores in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal Chinatowns. We've searched online using his vague childhood memories as keywords. We've NEVER found it! So, I thought it would be worthwhile putting the description out there to the Chowhound collective to see if it rings a bell to anyone. It would truly be a wonderful surprise for him if I could track down this candy!

So the details are vague, but I will post everything I know about this candy:

He used to buy this candy after school at a 7-11 in the mid/late 1980s in Taipei, Taiwan

The candies themselves are circular in shape, flat, and may have a spiral shape or design on the top. At the time they came in a box through which you could see the flat, round candies (whenever we look for this candy, he is not looking for a specific picture on a box, but the candy itself, because it was identifiable through the box). He does not remember what colour they are.

The candies are similar in texture to a candy we call "Rockets" in Canada, which I believe are called "Smarties" in America: pressed dry candy tablets, with a crumbling/powdery texture.

Sweet, tart, and fruity

Other identifying information:
He cannot remember what the wording/characters were on the box, so although he bought this candy in Taipei, he is not sure if it was made in Taiwan, China, Korea, or Japan (candies from all of these places were available in convenience stores where he grew up). He vaguely recalls that there were characters that *may* have formed the words "God Fruit" on the box. However, since he was just a child he is not sure if he was reading the characters right, or if there were other ways to read the characters (personally I think he may be mistaken about this since we've done many searches for "God Fruit Candy" and never found anything). He thinks the candies may have been made from plums, or a plum-like fruit, as plum candy is extremely popular in Taiwan. However, he is not 100% certain that this is what it was made from.

Does this candy sound familiar to anyone at all??? If not, does anyone know a good candy website that has a forum in which I could ask about this candy? Thanking folks in advance for any info at all!

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