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Where can I find a Havana/Spanish Latte?


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Where can I find a Havana/Spanish Latte?

Pei | Jun 16, 2014 11:41 AM

Stopped by Coffee Bar on Montgomery today, and tried a Havana Latte. Made with sweetened condensed milk, it's a favorite espresso drink of mine that I've also seen called a Spanish Latte.

Hounds: where else can I find this in San Francisco, particularly downtown? It's an easy enough concept, but I don't think it's prevalent.

For those who haven't tried this particular syrup option, do! The inherent creamy/toasty flavors of sweetened condensed milk pair especially well with the hot milk that makes up most of a latte drink. If you're looking for a sugar of vanilla syrup alternative, this is a good one.

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