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I don't find Bourdain to be arrogant...


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I don't find Bourdain to be arrogant...

coll | Aug 23, 2005 11:03 AM

Several people commented last week how they find Tony Bourdain to be arrogant. As I watched him last night, I could only think he is the exact opposite of arrogant. He loves to share everything he knows and does, whether he's enjoying it, choking it down or even making a fool of himself. I know plenty of arrogant chefs, these are the type that are afraid for you to find out any of their "secrets" and consider themselves to be godlike. Unless maybe his "New York" wiseguy attitude? Just curious.
PS I didn't even notice, but my husband the end when he said he really didn't want to leave and go back to NY, the last shot was him WATCHING THE HELICOPTER LEAVE! Then they say next week is a repeat of Paris. I'm pretty sure they were screwing around, as I've heard him say he did 10 or 12 episodes, but wonder what that was all about?

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