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Finally Kicked Soda Habit Thanks to Green Iced Tea


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Finally Kicked Soda Habit Thanks to Green Iced Tea

MplsM ary | Aug 7, 2014 08:37 AM

I am a life long diet soda addict. Mom started buying Tab and Fresca in the 60's and I've been hooked ever since. Lately it's been Sprite Zero, Tab and Coke Zero.

My switch to green iced tea was not a conscious one. I still have Tab in the fridge. I realized yesterday that I probably haven't had any diet soda for days. I'm ok with that.

I've always consumed more water than soda. However, with meals I had to have a diet soda. My tastebuds simply demand something other than water with certain savory foods. Anything with cheese, for instance.

I used to not like iced tea. I love all sorts of hot tea (though I buy the cheap stuff). I like Bigelow Green Chai and Target's Simply Balanced Green Ginger. These are teas I drink hot before breakfast. One morning I thought I'd try a combo and reheat the leftovers. Then I decided I'd try iced tea. I added one drop of EZ-Sweetz (sucralose) and I liked it, but it was too sweet. I've been making and consuming batches of the stuff without sweetener like mad ever since.

I'm not done with soda altogether. I simply don't need it anymore. Who knows, maybe by the time I hit 60 I'll learn to love just water with meals. Could happen.

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