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Finally found Hanger steak retail - DTW


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Finally found Hanger steak retail - DTW

goatgolfer | Jan 30, 2010 03:55 PM

I have been looking for two years for retail hanger steak (Hanging Tender, Onglet) and finally went to the Fairway Packing offices in Eastern Market. Fairway specializes in Piedmontese brand beef. They were very friendly but you buy the meat as a butcher would receive it and it's 5 pounds per pack (only $3.99/lb- cash only) but there is a lot of trimming and work to do to get it edible (30% trim waste). Net cost ~ $6/lb.

So, I walk into Plum Market (Maple & Lahser, Birmingham) on Friday and they now stock it retail. Angus brand for $9.99/lb. But, even though it costs more you don't have to foodsaver the extras nor do the butchery.

I now have 10 lbs fully trimmed in the freezer but if you haven't tried Hanger it makes a great steak for steak - frites.

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