I Finally Did It!--Forward to the Past


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I Finally Did It!--Forward to the Past

kaleokahu | Jan 7, 2012 10:55 PM

Well, today I realized a dream I've had for 45 years since watching, smelling and tasting my tutu's (grandmother's) cooking on her wood-fired stove: I bit on a massive, remarkably well-preserved, all-original, Monarch Malleable Range Co. Model 1325B, 6-burner, wood/coal stove. Solid base, just enough nickel-plate "bling", and all the extras (warming/rising cabinets, dampers, towel bars, cranks, concentric covers, etc.). About as good as it got circa 1920.

I still need to arrange delivery, and installation will take awhile, as I want to give her a good checkup and shine. But I have the house w/ dedicated kitchen chimney, 5 cords of seasoned wood, and a ton of coal ready for her.

Then will come the IR thermometer, the learning curve, a lot of patience, and hopefully a potful of satisfaction.

If it wasn't such a horrible pun, I'd say I'm stoked. My copperware are all dancing.


PS Yes, the fire insurance is paid up.

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