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Filet mignon temp?


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Filet mignon temp?

Dax | Nov 5, 2002 11:48 AM

I ordered a medium rare/medium filet last night at a restaurant in Boston and it initially came out very red, spongy and rare. When I sent a review to some friends, one wrote back:

"The steak you ordered is SUPPOSED to be cooked how it was. They really don't care how you order it. When you order a filet in a restaurant, it comes off the grill at 124."


1) I thought rare was 130+?

2) I had always thought you didn't really want to order a filet mignon much past medium rare as it can dry out the meat too much. But my experience has been that medium rare is generally red enough to be very juicy. In fact, medium with some pink can also be juicy. Comments?

3) is that all filets are served at 124 correct? If the FDA recommends a minimum 145, I don't think they would approve of 124. Comments?



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