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Need help with figuring out how much food to buy

jiffypop | Dec 14, 201407:51 AM     14

This Christmas, it looks like there will be 20-25 people [excluding two adorable toddlers] for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I haven't cooked for this many people IN DECADES!!!!! I can figure out how much food to supply for 10-15 people - even in the Italian style of defining a serving as something north of a pound of meat per person. But I'm having a tough time here, especially with estimated the amount of veggies to buy!

People will bring some sides and desserts as requested, byt there are a few things that I want to make. So, for now, here's the outline of the menu.

Roasted veggie lasagna - I can make this in an enormous turkey roaster [the way I did it when I was a teenager], or in two VERY large pans - I'm not worried about this]
Salad - how much? - someone will be tasked with this
Garlic bread - I'm thinking 2 large loaves? maybe 3?
I'll be making Sunday gravy/sugo/whatever you want to call it, so there will be meat on the side - lamb, pork ribs, probably beef braciole, italian sausage [both hot and sweet], meatballs
Desserts: not worried - we'll have biscotti, cake, cookies and whatever someone brings


Ham - would a whole ham be enough? We can also serve 1/2 ham plus a 14 pound turkey. or a whole ham plus the turkey. OR 1/2 ham plus a cuban style pork roast? we have access to a smoker and to other ovens in the neighborhood [did I mention this was on an air force base? my nephew and his wife have been collecting strays - which is absolutely fine with me!]

Broccoli with lemon and garlic [mine to make] - how much broccoli? 6 pounds? more? less?
Mac and cheese [will be assigned to others - i'm thinking if we get two people to use a pound of macaroni each, we'll get two different styles]
Mashed potatoes [mine to make] 5 pounds?
Fruit salad [will be assigned to others - one of these people makes a fabulous fruit salad]
Cole slaw - how much? 2 bags of mix or 1 head of cabbage? or more? probably will be assigned to others
Roasted glazed carrots and parsnips - 2 lb of carrots and 2 lb of parsnips? more? less? I'll probably make this and hand it off to one of the attendees to cook in his/her oven
MORE italian bread

Desserts - again, not too worried - i'm making TWO buche de Noels - the kids can frost and decorate - and there will be pies and cookies

Appetizers - ummmmm. we'll come up with something - it's more of an issue for Christmas Day, as people will be coming in and out all day, just dropping by to visit and then they'll be back. I'm thinking crudites [assigned], nephew's wife makes a great Greek-style dip with pita. I'm trying to avoid a full-on antipasto platter - too much bother.

Any thoughts for other apps? And, believe it or not, my grandniece and grandnephew [5 and 7] are VERY helpful in the kitchen as are their two friends who will be there, so if there's something an adult can set up, and they can mix and plate, that would be just fine.

thank you!!! I'm not sure when I turned into such a cooking wuss, but it has indeed happened!

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