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Can you help me figure out if I've ordered enough food?


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Can you help me figure out if I've ordered enough food?

Dipsy | Jan 25, 2006 09:28 PM

I hope this goes on Not About Food - I debated between here and Home Cooking but it's not strictly about cooking, so...

We're doing a Chinese New Year's party on Sunday during the day. I'm expecting 34 adults and 15 babies (most under 2 years). I would like the spread to be abundant but I don't want to over order. A local restaurant is doing the food for me.

Dim sum - 42 orders (6 orders of 7 different kinds, 3 pieces per order)

Vegetarian spring rolls - 8 orders (16 pieces)

Entrees - 4 orders each of 5 different entrees
1 Lobster noodle dish
1 fish dish
1 vegetable dish
1 beef dish
1 chicken dish

3 orders of vegetable fried rice
3 orders of shrimp fried rice
steamed rice
3 orders of pan fried noodles

Does this sound about right? I know people eat less when they're standing up than when seated at a table, but I don't want to run out of food either.

I've cooked for crowds this size many times, but I don't think so clearly these days with a 16 month old (and quite the chow pup to our delight)under foot and I'm suddenly unsure of serving sizes.

Thank you for your input!

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