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FH Trader Joe's top ten hits? And will Amish survive?


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FH Trader Joe's top ten hits? And will Amish survive?

janie | Nov 1, 2007 10:54 AM

What's your favorites? Let's share...friendly staff and clean store in queens, am I dreaming or what??? I've seen one or the other, but it's hard to find both....anyway really glad to have them so nearby to me. I feel bad for Amish though, not sure if they can survive, and they're so nice there. Not sure if anyone realizes but the salad bar at Amish is half off after 7pm and they have really good calamari salad there, and some other good fresh things...

Well, I've been twice so far, and this is what I liked:
-raw pistachios--much cheaper than elsewhere-but not as good as CARMEL on 108th st
--golden raisins
-bananas--great price
-frozen large cleaned uncooked shrimp--good price and good quality
-salmon with skin on in the fridge section
-free range chicken breasts (but at $7 a lb, they are not a bargain--bell and evans are at that price or less at Iavorone or Metro Meats)--but it's convenient if you need in a hurry
-spicy tortilla chips at $2 a pkg, for large, can't beat that
-frozen onion soup--
-vanilla yogurt milk (alot cheaper than silk)
-fage greek yogurt
-portebello mushrooms--good price
-date coconut rolls
-raw cashews--excellent quality and good price
-trek mix--cranberry almonds cashews--good but high in fat and calories
-spinach ravioli refrig section
-mushroom ravioli refrig section
-red pepper and artichoke tapenade
-olive tapenade
-cocktail sauce
-raspberry dressing
-soy ginger vinagrette dressing
-dr,.prager's veg burgers--good price but limited selection--wish they had the spinach pancakes as well
-price on flowers is good
-organic string cheese
-satay noodles in green box
-frozen brown rice--surprisingly crunchy and good

this is what I didn't like:
-frozen lasagna--eh tasted frozen
-frozen potato and cheese pirogi--heavy, glumpy --did the boil and then fry method with onions and butter
-produce overall looks pretty poor--you need to get there just when they put it out
-chocolate covered ginger--tasted medicinal
-goat cheese--not the best quality
-mushroom risotto (frozen)--liquid doesn't absorb well, and not any better than the boxed versions available elsewhere--and the portion isn't that large either.
-sushi looked scary--maybe okay if you're in a pinch for lunch
-same for the salads--good price but only if you work in the area and need a quick cheap lunch

and this is what I'm wondering about if it's any good before I buy?
-Wild frozen scallops
-frozen crabcakes

I make my own, so didn't get:
hummus--but the selection looks good

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