Fess up, who else loves their laminate counters?


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Fess up, who else loves their laminate counters?

Eujeanie | Sep 29, 2007 05:56 PM

I've been agonizing for weeks over what countertops to get for my kitchen. If any of you recognize my name from the other posts, I am the one who is a slob, who wants something low maintenance,'s the rub...I live in a very nice house. Not a McMansion, but a very nice house.

I keep thinking that I *should* get granite, even though they don't sound perfect for me.

I've looked at several other materials (SS, copper, Corian, Quartz) - they all have something about them that I don't like.

Right now I have laminate. But you know what? I really like them. They are so EASY. And guess what else...I just realized that my kitchen table has a laminate top - so EASY and still looks great after 20+ years (the sides are real wood, which I have to oil occasionally - and they look like faded crap next to the top).

So what's my problem? Why don't I just succumb and get laminate again?

I don't know.

Is it form over substance? Am I worried about resale (guess what, *we* bought this house without even thinking about the countertops - the layout, location, general niceness of the house were the deciding factors, not the countertops).

It's not the money - I can afford granite or whatever I want.

I just keep turning my nose up at the laminate. So declasse. Or so everyone says.

But since I haven't found anything else I *LOVE* why should I spend a ton of money to impress someone else?

Does anyone else have laminate and secretly really, really like them?

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