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Fess Up, Fabulous Home Cooks. What have you ruined lately?

RGC1982 | Jan 8, 201008:15 AM

I thought about this when I was telling the story of my inadvertently blackened beer can chicken, which was supposed to be the star of our backyard Easter dinner, to a friend. She was surprised that I would admit that I ruined dinner, would share photos of the disaster with far away friends, and could still laugh about it months later. Apparently, her MIL, who is a fabulous cook, never admits a mistake. She would never tell anyone that she ruined a meal, let alone laugh about it over cell phone photos of a charred bird with stumps that remained where plump legs used to be.

The way I see it, if you cook a lot, or try new things a lot, SOMETHING has to go terribly wrong sometime. It is the law of averages. Mistakes don't make me feel like less of a good cook, they just prove that I am human. Humans do things like shake cayenne into the food instead of paprika, or leave a chicken unattended on their new grill a little too long. Her MIL, however, will deny it and will even try to cover up, rather than admit that she made a mistake that ruined a dish.

So, I ask you all -- what have you ruined lately, and are not afraid to confess? Or shall I say, are not afraid to confess here on these boards (where you can remain relatively anonymous)?

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