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How do you feel about rare tuna?


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How do you feel about rare tuna?

Kajikit | Dec 11, 2007 12:24 PM

I've never been brave enough to eat sushi or raw tuna - I thought it would taste nasty and have a strange texture. So when we went to lunch today I ordered a grilled tuna salad, and since it didn't say 'seared' and I asked the waiter for 'medium', I thought the tuna would be cooked to a light pink in the center. I over-estimated... and when I cut into the delicious-smelling tuna steak, it was redraw in the center and only pink around the very edges. Instead of chickening out and sending it back for more cooking, I dove in and tried a bite from the edge, pinky bit. And it was delicious! So I decided that I was going to eat it. And it wasn't anything like I expected - I loved it... especially with a kalmata olive on the fork or a tiny dab of spicy mustard for contrast. Yum! DH tried it too, and he also really liked it, so we may be converts!

Now I know that it's not going to kill me to eat 'raw fish', I'm going to try a piece of sushi at my next opportunity. I've only ever had sushi-for-wimps (made with cooked tunasalad instead of anthing raw) - I thought I wouldn't like that either because I hate seaweed and rice, but it doesn't really taste like either of them. I loved the cooked sushi and used to buy it regularly in Australia, but I haven't seen it sold in the US. Now I'll be brave and try the real thing - I wonder if I'll like that too? :)

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