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should I feel this way after eating?

ehmi | Oct 5, 200912:49 PM

Not sure if I am just being too sensitive, but here goes...

Spouse and I went out for a meal with another couple on the weekend to celebrate our 5th anniversary.

All four of us ordered apps and entrees from the a la carte after enjoying some talk. After writing down the order, the server came back a few minutes later and repeated the order back to us to ensure all was captured correctly - and not surprisingly (as all four of us had different apps and entrees) it was.

Apps came...no problem, amuse came...great. Meals came...problem. My spouse and I had the right meals and no issues, however for the other couple the husband ordered game and that came correctly, however his wife ordered a pasta dish - and out came the same game dish as her husband.

After informing the server of the error, we got the routine of ruffling through the order book, and the server asking "are you sure you ordered the pasta", "are you sure you're sure", "are you sure you're sure you're sure". The server then informed us that he would get the pasta dish, but that we would all be done our meals before it arrived. Our friend's wife reluctantly agreed to take the game for about 30 seconds, but then decided she wanted the pasta as originally ordered (full disclosure - she is visibly pregnant, and has never eaten game before). Sure enough, out came the pasta once the three of us were almost done.

After ordering some wonderful desserts - and having the server come back again to check that the order was right - and this time it was, the chef came out and made the rounds. Chef apologized for the error, but then asked our friend again, "are you sure you ordered the pasta and not the game?". So we again affirmed and told the chef how the server came back to check after we submitted our order. The chef again apologized and said that there were no worries and that he comp'd the pasta, AND THE GAME - not the game that my friend's husband ordered, but the game that incorrectly arrived for his wife. I thought the complimentary entree was a nice touch as we weren't expecting or willing to ask for anything for what was an error, but not a huge error (IMHO).

I really want to like this restaurant as I thought my food was fantastic - but the rub for me is that we felt like we were doubted by both the server and chef - and that we were made to feel somewhat obligated to take the incorrect food as offered. Sure this may happen sometimes, but the waiter actually came back to ensure the order was correct when we originally placed it.

So my question is, am I being too sensitive or shallow to feel a little put out by the attitude? If it provides some perspective, this was a >$100 per person meal excluding alcohol.

Feel free to have at it as I am still struggling with my thoughts.

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