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Feel closer to your food


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Feel closer to your food

TouchyFeely | Jun 28, 2003 05:34 PM

When I eat something like an ice cream sandwich, a hamburger, or even a candy bar, I don't want to eat it by peeling back the wrapper and hold the dull paper of the peeled-back paper wrapping. I prefer to take the wrapping completely off and actually feel the sponginess of the crust of the ice cream sandwich, or the soft spring of the bun and bumpy little sesame seeds of a hamburger bun to feel its freshness. Even with a candy bar, I'd rather have the chocolate melt on my fingers as I eat it. I feel like I actually better know what it is that I'm eating that way. It can admittedly be messier if I take the paper off, but I always feel like I'm missing out if I have these foods holding the wrapper, just for the sake of tidyness. Anyone else feel this way? Now just watch me eat a gyro!

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