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Feedback on Updated Chowhound Image Viewer

patsully | Apr 2, 201904:23 PM     1

Hey all,

Last week we made some updates to the Chowhound image viewer, which now opens uploaded images at higher resolutions on both desktop and mobile web.

You can navigate through photos by clicking on Previous and Next buttons or by utilizing the left and right arrows on your keyboard. The escape button your keyboard will return you to the discussion.

For a great example of some beautiful photos, check out March's Dish of the Month discussion: https://www.chowhound.com/post/waffle...

We have some further improvements lined up, including:
- Enabling the image viewer for "photo stories" that already display inline images, but could be rendered in the image viewer at a higher resolution
- Improvements to image loading in general, to hopefully speed things up even more
- Clear loading animations on mobile web, where image uploads can take a bit longer than expected, especially when not on a wireless network
- Returning more text from the post associated with the image you are viewing, and allowing you to recommend (heart) the comment from the image viewer

If you have any further feedback or are experiencing any browser-specific hiccups, please let us know here.

Thanks in advance,

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