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Feedback on 5 meal itinerary for quick weekend trip

smiles33 | Feb 24, 201906:32 PM     8

I would love feedback on a proposed itinerary for an upcoming trip. We have 5 meals during a quick 3 day weekend in Seattle later this summer (we always eat breakfast in the vacation rental). I haven't visited Seattle since I was a teen and my kids have never been there.

A little bit about us: we are a family of 4 (with 2 tween daughters) from the San Francisco Bay Area who love to eat and thus plan vacations to destinations known for their food. Both girls are adventurous eaters and eat almost everything including "weird" food (e.g., foie gras, escargot, bone marrow, lengua tacos, nigiri, octopus, etc.). Thus, I feel like anything is fair game provided it's not too awkward to bring kids to that venue. No bar crawls, sadly, since the kids are with us, but if there's a pub/restaurant with a good IPA to go with the meal, I'd happily consider the excellent beer options to be a tie-breaker. We generally favor seafood, ethnic food, and unique ingredients (e.g., items we can't easily source or prepare as home chefs). We have fantastic Asian, Mexican, and Italian restaurants where we are, so we tend to avoid them when we travel. The one complication is that our younger one is allergic to peanuts, finned fish (she can eat crab, lobster and other shellfish), and sesame.

Budget is not an issue. While we don't plan to rent a car, we don't mind taking a taxi/Lyft across town either. Our AirBNB is located in downtown Seattle.

- Kedai Makan may be a late-night stop when we fly in late Thursday night. I figure we can order it and have leftovers for breakfast at our AirBnB.

- I didn't find many options for lunch. We need 2 options for lunch and I found Terra Plata, Elliott's Oyster House, and Shuckers. I think we'll definitely try Terra Plata, so I need to pick one of the latter two seafood places.

- There are so many great options for our 2 dinners. We looked at menus for Stateside, Loulay, Rock Creek, Walrus & Carpenter, and Hitchcock. I've read great stuff about Hitchcock, but I'm a little bit reluctant to deal with a 2 hour round-trip ferry ride to Bainbridge Island. Is it worth the effort? I also was wondering if it's worth trying one of the Seattle sushi places. My younger daughter needs non-fish options given her allergies, but I see chicken options at Sushi Kashiba, Mashiko, and Sushi Kappo Tamura. Then again, we do have sushi bars here in the Bay Area that DH and I can go to without her.

- Rock Creek or Etta's for Sunday brunch before we fly home?

Thanks in advance for any feedback you can share or additional suggestions!

Kedai Makan
Terra Plata
Loulay Kitchen & Bar
Sushi Kappo Tamura
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