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fed up with my pie tins


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fed up with my pie tins

magnolia | Apr 23, 2002 06:18 AM

In a fit of good eco-citizenship, I bought a few those pie tins that have a removable bottom and sides, to make it easier to pop the pie out. The sides are crenelated (or whatever the word is) to give pie crust that ripply effect. These were meant to eliminate my purchase of disposable one-use-only "foil" tins.

HOwever, they have proved so frustratingly difficult to clean - no matter how much I butter them - the leaky pie filling ends up like cement in the nooks of the rim - that I'm almost tempted to go back to disposable: glass pie plates ones are impractical, as the pie can't be removed without damage and the beauty of the other ones is that I could bake a couple of quiches, remove them, freeze them, and still have use of the tin.

Has anyone come across a fool-proof, easy to clean version?

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